Monday, April 2, 2012

Paranov Performance Hour Report                                  Posted by Aaron Flagg on March 30, 2012

Yesterday, as part of Hartt’s revamped “Paranov Performance Hour,” we hosted a panel in Milliard Auditorium called “Here to Serve Artists.” This session featured representatives of the Theater Communications Group (, League of American Orchestras (, The Field (, and Local 802 Musician’s Union ( The purpose was to introduce students (more than 120 in attendance) to the many organizations whose missions are to serve artists in various ways. One of our guests was Tino Gagliardi '82, a Hartt alumnus and current President of Local 802 in New York City. It was a lively discussion for approximiately 150 students, faculty, and visitors. For our panelists, the session was followed by lunch, a tour of the Mort and Irma Handel Performing Arts Center, and visits to Theatre and Dance classes. This session demonstrates our core educational value of Hartt being connected to the professional world and the evolution of the performing arts field.

It was Tino’s first time back to The Hartt School since he graduated and we were thrilled to invited his former trumpet teacher, the legendary Roger Murtha, to the discussion and a lunch with the panelists. Many thanks go to Stephen Pier, Dance Division Director, and Kevin Gray, Theater Division faculty member, for opening up their classes and to our guest panelists Emilya Cachapero, Polly Kahn, Jennifer Wright Cook, and Tino Gagliardi. Here is a picture of the panelists and me listening to a student question during the session.

Panelists from the left are:

Tino Gagliardi, Hartt Alum and President of Local 802, AFM
Polly Kahn, VP, Learning & Leadership Development, League of American Orchestras
Jennifer Wright Cook, Executive Director, The Field
Emilya Cachapero, Director of Artistic Programs, Managing Dir, Theater Communications Group
Aaron Flagg. Dean of the Hartt School, University of Hartford