Wednesday, August 30, 2017

March 1964 issue of International Musician, cover article re Moshe Paranov and Hartt

The March 1964 edition of International Musician, published by the American Federal of Musicians, featured an article about Moshe Paranov and the new Hartt building - the Fuller Building.  Moshe and a photo of the building appeared on the cover.  There are lots of interesting things in this article, including the fact that the original building cost a total of $2.6m to build.

Check out Uncle Moshe's quote about his decision to not strike out for Europe or other major metropolitan center early in his career as was the typical path.

"I hope that I have demonstrated that it is possible for a student of music to become a musician by the unorthodox method which I selected.  Less of glamour, yes; more of heartache, decidedly; but great satisfaction, definitely."

I also like the 1964 advertisements.

As we move toward the completion of the renovation of Millard Auditorium, it is amazing to think about the original dedication concert, with performances by Marian Anderson, Isaac Stern and Leonard Rose.  I would have liked to be in attendance!

Special thanks to Seth Bogdanove, Uncle Moshe's nephew who used to vacation with the Paranov family in Maine.  Seth saved this article and sent me the digital copy. 

(By the way - If anyone is in need of photo restoration and digital archiving skills, please reach out to Seth at Digital Archiving and Photo Restoration by Bogframe, 17 Bay 31st Street, Apt 2, Brooklyn, NY 11214, (718) 373-7575,