Saturday, June 1, 2013

Streaming Hartt Performances Online

Hartt Performances Streaming on the Web

Did you know that some Hartt performances are now accessible by live streaming online?  

Alumni know that Hartt has a vast collection of recordings of performances at the school.  Many are available at the Allen Memorial Library.  The Allen library’s website is accessible here.  

Also, if you would to own a copy of a specific recording, you can contact the Hartt Recording Studio to order a recording.  Link is here.

Now, certain performances are being streamed live!

With streaming, you can listen to the live performance as it is happening.  Most of us would rather listen to a live concert in person, but if you cannot make it to the performance, or if the concert is sold out, you may have the option to stream the concert from the comfort of your home.

This Saturday, at 1:00, you are invited to the saxophone recital of DMA candidate Collete Hall in Millard Auditorium.  But, if you cannot attend in person, you can stream the live performance.

Here is what you will Collete perform:
Lessons of the Sky - Rodney Rogers
Like Lightnings - Hilary Tann
Sonata - Edison Denisov
Distances Within Me - John Anthony Lennon
Klonos - Piet Swerts

You can check out future streaming performances here.

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