Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hartt Grants Emeritus Status to Three Professors - Gryc, Provost, and Lucarelli

Hartt recently announced that it was granted the status of "Professor Emeritus" to three long-time faculty members.  Stephen Gryc, Richard "Dick" Provost, and Humbert "Bert" Lucarelli have a combined 137 teaching years at Hartt and have influenced generations of Hartt alumni. 

I can't imagine to guess how many music students at Hartt have been influenced by and have benefited from these Hartt gentlemen.  I, personally, was fortunate to learn from and teach aside each of them and I congratulate them on this honor, which adds to the long list of honors and accomplishments each has earned throughout their careers.

Steve has taught composition and music theory at Hartt since 1980.  Steve's website is here.

Dick is a Hartt alumnus and has taught guitar at Hartt since 1960.  Dick's website is here.

Bert has taught oboe at Hartt since 1968.  Bert's website is here.

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