Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hartt 2015 Alumni Award and Commencement

The Hartt School 2015 Commencement was held today and 1995 alumnus Phillip Boykin was awarded the Alumni Award.

I was honored to address the graduating class and congratulate them on behalf of the Hartt Board of Trustees.  I told the students that I was particularly pleased to be sharing a stage, once again, with Phillip Boykin.  Moshe Paranov used to take Phillip and me out for performances in area elementary school cafeterias and gymnasiums.  Uncle Moshe was a passionate believer that all students deserved a proper music education rooted in the classics.  Hence, his oft-heard concern that "Kids today don't know the difference between Beethoven and a him sandwich!" 

I have since retired from my performing career but Phillip has gone on to great international acclaim and is currently featured in the Broadway revival of On The Town.  He is a worthy recipient of the 2015 Alumni Award.

Congratulations, Phillip!  Uncle Moshe would be pleased.

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