Sunday, November 1, 2015

5 Questions with Trevor Johnson

Trevor Johnson (MM degree Oboe Performance ‘95) studied at Hartt from 1993 to 1995. He is currently living in Jeffersonville, Indiana (suburb of Louisville, Kentucky).

What have you been up to since you graduated from Hartt?
A few months after graduating from Hartt, I won an audition for a position with the Louisville Orchestra, and with the exception of two seasons’ leaves of absence, have been 2nd and Assistant Principal Oboe ever since.  In the past few years, I have also been playing English horn regularly with the orchestra.  In 2000, I was the host/conference coordinator of the annual meeting of the International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians (ICSOM) when it met in Louisville.
What are you involved with right now?
Coaching double reeds in a local high school, and a recording project with the Louisville Orchestra to provide the soundtrack to Thunder Over Louisville, the largest fireworks display in North America.
What is one of your most memorable things about your time at Hartt? What is a career highlight?
Performing with the Emerson String Quartet and traveling to New York with Performance 20/20 to see performances at Carnegie Hall and Brooklyn Academy of Music.
Performing under the baton of John Williams, and accompanying Rostropovich in a performance of the Shostakovich Cello Concerto.
What did you learn during while at Hartt that you did not appreciate or recognize until after time passed and you had some time to reflect?
Not only did I receive excellent performance instruction and opportunities while at Hartt, but I also had hands-on experience with other aspects of being a musician that are necessary to make a career.  As part of my financial aid package, I learned a great deal about behind-the-scenes responsibilities as stage manager for the Conductors’ Institute Orchestra, manager of the Hartt Contemporary Players, and producing aspects of the first Performance 20/20 CD recording.
What is next for you?
I plan to continue to work with the ever-rising Louisville Orchestra and collaborate in a recording project with my chamber music group, the Ceruti Chamber Players. I also will serve on the Executive Board of the local chapter of the American Federation of Musicians.
If people to get in touch, how can they do so?

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