Monday, July 3, 2017

Allen Memorial Library Moves Into New Space

The Allen Memorial Library, a/k/a the Hartt Music Library, has moved into a new space.  What was formerly known as the main library on campus, the Mortensen Library, has been renamed the Walter Harrison Libraries, which now includes a section called Mortensen Library.  The Harrison Libraries now houses the Allen Library in what used to be the lower level of Mortensen.  The back wall of this space was blown out, new floor to ceiling windows were installed, and the space was reconfigured to serve Hartt's music, dance and theatre students and faculty.  Although still a work in progress, here are some photos.

Did you know that Hartt alumni have use and borrowing privileges in the Allen Library?  See the library website for details.

Here is your mini virtual tour.

As you walk down the stairs from the main level of Mortensen, here is the entrance signage to the new Allen Library.
Turn left and a staff workspace is visible through the window and you can see through the library space out the back windows.
In we go through the entrance and turn right to the circulation desk.

Looking past the work tables and the computer study stations.  (Bonus if you can identify the Hartt alumnus just beyond the computers from the back of his head.)

Some things stay the same.  Here are traditional stacks.
As the collection has grown, there is need for additional space.  Instead of sending some materials to offsite storage, the new library space incorporates movable shelving that can be rolled to access materials and rolled up/collapsed for an efficient design.
There are several seminar rooms and the listening rooms have been expanded.

There are several comfortable sitting areas for the students and faculty to use - a comfy and stylish mid-century modern feel.

The library also has a full-size classroom.  Wave to Dr. Nott teaching a summer class in the new space!

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