Friday, February 14, 2014

Hartt's Honorary Degrees Given in the 2000s

Between 2003 and 2009, Hartt awarded 5 Honorary Degrees.  The recipients were: Wynton Marsalis; Oscar Ghiglia; William Anthony Waters; Henry W, “Hank” Jones; and Donald Sinta.


2003 Wynton Marsalis

I don't think Mr. Marsalis needs an introduction.

Here is a link to Mr. Marsalis' website.

2004 Oscar Ghiglia

Oscar Ghiglia, an Italian classical guitarist, spent time in residence at Hartt.

 Additional information on Mr. Ghiglia can be found on his Wikipedia page.

2005 William Anthony Waters

Maestro Waters was a truly deserved recipient of the honorary degree from Hartt after his many years as a leader in the Connecticut arts community (which is not to say his music career and talents were limited to Connecticut, as he enjoys a career well-beyond the borders of the Nutmeg State).

Additional information about Maestro Waters can be found here.

2009 Henry W, “Hank” Jones

Mr. Jones, a prolific jazz pianist, bandleader, arranger and composer was awarded is degree in 2009, shortly before his death in 2010.

 Additional information on Mr. Jones can be found here and here.
2009 Donald Sinta

This was not Prof. Sinta's first visit to Hartt.  Some of you will remember that he taught saxophone at Hartt in early 1970s.  Prof. Sinta is indisputably one of the Deans of classical saxophone in the United States.

Hartt faculty member and composer emeritus Edward Diemente wrote a saxophone work for Prof. Sinta and Prof. Mclean and pre-recorded tape called Dairy Part II. And, among others, Prof. Sinta was the saxophone teacher of Carrie Koffman, the current Hartt saxophone instructor.

Additional information on Prof. Sinta can be found here.  


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