Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hartt History: 1895 - 1935

1895 - Morris Perlmutter is born on Pequot Street, Hartford, CT.

1909 - Julius Hartt moves to Hartford from Boston and assumes the position of organist at Asylum Hill Congregational Church.

Morris Perlmutter begins work as a pianist in theatres and hotels in Hartford and, later that year, becomes the conductor of the Good Will Club Orchestra whose artistic advisor is Julius Hartt.

1912 - Morris Perlmutter debuts at Hartford's Unity Hall on Pratt Street in a performance of Beethoven's G Major Piano Sonata.

1914 - Julius Hartt becomes Music Editor for the Hartford Times.

1917 - Julius Hartt meets Ernest Bloch and introduces him to Morris Perlmutter.

1918 - Julius Hartt begins a series of "Letters to a Young Musician" published in the Hartford Times.

Morris Perlmutter changes his name to Moshe Paranov and joins the faculty at Kingswood School in West Hartford where he acquires his first Airedale puppy from George R.H. Nicholson, headmaster.

While stationed with the U.S. Army at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, Moshe is promoted to the rank of Band Sergeant.

1919 - The "Julius Hartt, Moshe Paranov and Associated Teachers," music school is established at Hartt's home on Sigourny Street.  Ernest Bloch moves his family to Hartford and he joins the "Hartt family."

1920 - The Julius Hartt School of Music is founded on Collins Street in Hartford by Julius Hartt, Pauline Hartt, Moshe Paranov, and Samuel Berkman.

1921 - Moshe Paranov makes his New York City debut at Aeolian Hall.

1922 - Moshe debuts at Jordan Hall in Boston, Massachusetts.

1924 - Pauline "Dottie" Hartt marries Moshe and they travel to Monhegan Island, Maine for the first of many trips.

1926 - Moshe joins the music staff at WTIC and is also appointed conductor of the Hartford Hospital Training School Glee Club and the Cecelia Club of Hartford.

1927 - The Hartt College Department is inaugurated.

1930 - At the opening/dedication of the Bushnell Memorial Hall in Hartford, Moshe conducts the Choral Club of Hartford, the Hartford Oratorio Society and the Cecelia Club, accompanied by members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

1932 - Harold Bauer, distinguished pianist, founder of the Beethoven Association in New York, and Moshe's teacher, gives the first of many master classes at The Julius Hartt School of Music, 222 Collins Street.

1934 - The Hartford Musical Foundation, a non-profit corporation, is incorporated under a charter by the State of Connecticut and assumes ownership of The Julius Hartt School of Music,
Through the untiring efforts of Martha Blake (Walcott), student of Moshe, the First Board of Trustees is formed.  Temporary officers are Julius Hartt - Chairman, Moshe Paranov - Treasurer, and Stephen Langton - Secretary.  Additional temporary trustees are Samuel Berkman, Helen Hubbard, Rose Lischner, and Rubin Segal.

Moshe performs Bach's Concerto in C for three pianos with Harold Bauer and Ossip Gabrilowitsch (son-in-law of Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain) at the Bushnell Memorial Hall in Hartford.

1935 - The first formal meeting of the Board of Trustees is held.  The temporary trustees are replaced and new officers are elected.  Viggio E. Bird - Chairman (Hartford Electric Light Co.), Mrs. Ross Harden - Secretary, Martha A. Blake, Robert F. Butler, Mrs. Bruce Crane, Mr. Frank F. Furlong, George R.H. Nicholson, Dr. Robins W. Barstow, Rabbi Abraham Feldman, Mrs. Arthur W. Frank, Mrs. Percy W. Kammerer, Dr. Douglas J. Roberts, Mrs. Richard M. Bissel, Mrs. F. Spencer Goodwin, Mrs. Henry S. Robinson, and Mrs. John C. Wilson.

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